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“Most brands [of incense] are manufactured in India and China and they combine plant resins, wood powders, perfumes, and oils with glue containing formaldehyde and phthalates. When burned, this combination releases polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons — highly carcinogenic compounds — into the air, along with various gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide.” – East Bay Express, August 2011

Petrochemicals are everywhere in the incense world. From the Japan to the Himalayas, fancy to cheap, you’ll find petrochemical oxidizers on the ingredient panel. In incense, petroleum is used to help the sticks burn, but it’s an incredibly malleable molecule that can be turned into almost anything––fertilizer, fuel, plastic, food ingredients, cosmetics. It’s cheaper than the real thing, and much easier to work with.

Unfortunately, going artificial has become a widely accepted business model that has transformed quite a few industries, body care and perfume included. You’re probably among those of us who are bowled over by fake fragrance––overpowering, grody, and lingers way too long. You don’t need me to paint the picture, but I will. An awful dank dorm room, storefronts wafting cologne in the mall, perfume aisles in department stores. Yuck. Those are petrochemicals.


If I may toot our horn, Juniper Ridge dares to do it differently. Our incense is 100% natural. That means there are no synthetic ingredients in our products. Our incense is made of tree sap (great for helping it to burn through), aromatic materials that we harvest on the trail and distill (wood, leaves, lichen, herbs), a vegetable based gum that helps hold it all together, and a bamboo stick. That’s it! Simple is always better.

We make incense for people who don’t like incense, but enjoy sitting around a campfire. Burning our incense is a great way to tap into something deep inside ourselves, instinctively. Humans have been making fire and burning real plants for centuries. The earliest humans were using fire to survive, all while instilling something deep in our evolving bodies and minds. For us, campfires and incense are home; where we find peace, family, and connection. Just like we did 200,000 years ago.

Once again, we find ourselves tapping into the old ways to find our way forward.


Lastly, a note about burning incense properly. We want to provide the indescribable experience of burning incense to you and your senses without polluting our bodies, homes, and planet. Our products are the real deal; unlike the incense you might be used to. So…

Three tips to help with this:

1) Run your match or lighter up and down the stick a few times to help dry it out.

2) Burn at a slight angle. This helps with increased oxygenation.

3) Relish in the intense sensory experience of the outdoors.


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