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Sharing Gratitude From The Juniper Ridge Crew: 2023 Year End Wrap Up

We want to say thank you for making what we do possible.

Juniper Ridge has always been a labor of love. We only work with plants native to the West Coast, and we make the extra effort to sustainably harvest and upcycle our plant material. In order to capture the true scent of the wilderness, we only use natural ingredients and never use any synthetic fragrance, preservatives, or fillers.

Today, our team of 11 people harvests, processes, bottles, and ships our products from our Oakland workshop and warehouse. And of course, we still make time to get out into nature!


When you buy Juniper Ridge, you bring nature home while contributing towards conserving it. Instead of growing at all costs, we have stayed true to our roots and continue to donate a portion of our profits each year to protecting the wilderness. We know that unless we take action to protect the wilderness, it will disappear. 

 We couldn’t do this without you, and are grateful for your continued support. Looking forward to next year’s adventures- see you on the trail!


Happy Winter,

The Juniper Ridge Crew


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