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Whenever I’m in the crisp air and clean blue sky of the Timberline Trail, I feel like I can keep hiking forever. Mt. Hood provides this area with an embarrassment of riches that wrap you up in their beauty. Just watching the trees dance in the breeze feels magical up here. Something about the fresh scent of Mt. Hood varieties like Western Red Cedar and Noble Fir rejuvenates me in a way that few places can.

At Juniper Ridge we treasure our connection to the natural landscapes we love, and few hold a stronger connection than the Timberline Trail. Every time I’m in these tranquil woods, my skin feels alive and my senses run wild with energy. We tried to capture that energy with our latest Timberline Trail Field Lab. For this year’s collection, we crafted three releases that speak to our love for this special area. Made from pure, wild-harvested ingredients, we know they’ll transport you to the limitless beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

After a long day spent outdoors, nothing helps your singing muscles like a salt soak. Our Timberline Trail Soaking Salt hydrates your skin, eases swelling, and leaves you with a fresh alpine kiss from the Pacific Northwest. They’re a must-have on your next outdoor adventure.

If you need to take relaxation to the next level, our Timberline Trail Massage Oil is just the trick. This antioxidant-rich oil infuses your skin with a gentle pine scent while helping to relieve muscle tension. Use it to seal in moisture when the winter bite dries your skin.

Finally, our Timberline Trail Incense brings the wilderness home. This pure plant resin incense has no artificial ingredients, leaving nothing to get between you and nature. Infused with a cornucopia of alpine scents including Engelman Spruce, Douglas Fir, and Ponderose Pine, these powerful little sticks will dazzle your home with Northwestern delight.

We hope you’re as excited about these releases as we were to make them. Staying true to special places is central to our art; as always, this collection delivers on that promise. With any luck, they’ll get you out in the mountain air, blazing a trail of your own.


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