Investing In Our Lands

At the end of every year, we get the honor of giving back to the organizations that protect our ecosystems, fight for climate justice, and advocate for a more intersectional and social justice-oriented framework of human/nature relationships through our Western Wilderness Defense Fund.

Juniper Ridge’s total donations over the last two decades amount to a quarter-million dollars, and we are grateful to be able to continue our giving this year.

Wildfire Resilience + Recovery

For a quarter of a decade, Sierra Forest Legacy has brought together land managers, scientists, and others to restore the ecosystems of the Sierras. In the face of unprecedented droughts, warming temperatures, and other human-caused environmental changes, we’ve seen megafires like the Dixie and Caldor become a regular occurrence over the last few years. Sierra Forest Legacy uses a model of forest restoration that supports the mountain range’s symbiotic relationship with fire.

Many ecosystems in California actually evolved with frequent fires, and indigenous tribes used what is known as cultural burning; supporting the ecosystem through managed, intentional fires, for thousands of years. Along with many other initiatives, Sierra Forest does crucial work advocating for the incorporation of cultural burning and other fire usage techniques across the region.

We celebrate these two organizations and the many others we were able to support. Please check out the full list below, and if the missions of any of these groups resonate with you, we encourage you to get involved in 2022!

Juniper Ridge 2022 Western Wilderness Defense Recipients

Outdoor Afro

Sierra Forest Legacy

American River Conservancy

The Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition

Bear Yuba Land Trust

Bolinas Land Trust

California Native Plant Society

California Wilderness Coalition

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Columbia Land Trust

Esselen Tribe of Monterey

Feather River Land Trust

Foothill Conservancy

Friends of Cedar Mesa

Friends of the Inyo

Glacier Two-Medicine Alliance

Great Basin Water Network

Gwich’in Steering Committee

Honor The Earth

The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo

Lowelifes Respectable Citizens Club

The Native American Land Conservancy

Oregon Desert Land Trust

Oregon Wild

Pacific Crest Trail Association

Siskiyou Land Trust

Sonoma Land Trust


Ventana Wilderness Alliance

The Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network

Wild Salmon Center

Wilderness Land Trust