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Friends of the fragrance, it brings me great joy to write to you about our Winter Redwood Field lab, nestled up in the misty, magical and medicinal Mendocino forest. We had a deep well to draw from this winter. Our friend Solange hosted this harvest in her schoolhouse turned craftsman cabin, nestled on 90 acres of pristine Mendocino wilderness, and we got cozy and creative to concoct this Winter Redwood Essential Oil, the base of our latest Field Lab products.

It’s been a monumental winter for rainfall and replenishment, saturating the trees and soil with water and webs of mycelium readying themselves for fungal blooms. Our Winter Redwood essential oil is about the combination of four elements; a base of spicy fungal soil, sides of ocean and woodsmoke, with a conifer crown. The abundance of water this winter means this harvest will be heavy on the earthy soil-based spiciness, lighter on the evergreen, and infused with the smoke from our cabin fires and salt from the stormy sea.

While this winter has been long and wet, the reservoirs have been filling up and we have so much to draw from. In addition to the usual essential oil items, This Field Lab is going to yield some beloved discontinued gems; liquid cologne, room spray and hand and body wash. All steeped with their limited one-time-only combination of this earthly moment. A season in scent.


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