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Every year around March, we hop in the van and hit the road to follow the wildflower bloom. We start in the Mojave Desert, then head to the coastal range in late spring and we’re high up into the mountains come summertime.

Our Wildflower Tours are a major source of inspiration for our fragrances and products. In a way, these excursions are the greatest example of what we do best. We put the outdoors into a bottle; literally this means going out deep into the places we love, harvesting wild plants with and distilling them in the back of our Field Lab van and bottling right on the trail.

This year, the wildflowers are exploding! Don’t miss your chance to sink deep into these magical places while they’re in bloom. Our Wildflower Tours are open to the public, so come join us for one of our day hikes, overnighters, harvests or backyard/store events. You’ll learn the names of the flowers, the importance of ecosystem health and biodiversity and make your own wild crafted scent to take home. We have plenty of stops planned as we work our way through this magnificent bloom!


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