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Field Lab is Juniper Ridge’s seasonal wilderness perfume; it defines the outer, experimental edge of what we do. Field Lab captures the sun, rain, and earth, delivering a snapshot of that day, that place, that trail. Field Lab releases are always trail harvested, distilled while sitting around a campfire; they’re made in tiny quantities, bottled and numbered by hand.

 The other weekend we drove the Field Lab van up to Camp Navarro for a workshop event put on by Hipcamp. We went for long hikes with Owner Dan Braun & gang and got harvest happy. We all collected gorgeous smelling Rhododendron blossoms on creek sides, Redwood Needles, Douglas Fir Tips, Thimbleberry leaves, native Blackberry Blossoms and wild Rose Blossoms – our kind of fun! After doing the distillation workshop everyone walked away with their own personal Camp Navarro fragrance, we made twenty extra bottles of this batch because it smelled too good not to share! This is a room spray, mood booster, deep-north-coast-wilderness-in-a-bottle spray or to put it simply: Coastal Redwood Mist.

 This spray is what we do best – a bottled snapshot of a place, made on the trail on the same day we hiked and harvested. This spray has such gorgeous, foresty floral aromatics. Now, when I say “floral”, I mean it in the Juniper Ridge way. Nothing in our wilderness perfume reads conventionally “floral.” Conventional perfume has ruined many people’s understanding of what floral smells like. Petrochemicals send these synthetic fragrances into over the top flower land. Nothing in nature smells like that.

 The notes brought out in wilderness fragrance, made from real plant materials, are so different and we got some nice, sweet ones in this batch.

Were so excited to share this place with you.

 Check out the photos to see how we turned plants into fragrance for our Coastal Redwood Mist!

After our workshop we had a blast drinkin’ cocktails made by Lauren DeVine & enjoyed an amazing meal prepared by Native Co all while sharing stories with our new friends on the trail!

Truly a magical weekend!

Shop our Coastal Redwood Mist to bring these images to life! Only 20 of ’em!


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