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The crisp, clean scent of pine is a classic part of the holiday season. Whenever the tangy resin of fresh conifer needles touches our nose, we’re transported to warm memories with family, friends, and treasured locales.

One of these treasured locales is the dense woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. When traveling along the Deschutes river or winding along Columbia Gorge, the crisp scent of conifers delights our senses, adding an unforgettable element to the beautiful surroundings. When you find yourself standing within these remote regions, the forest can stretch out endlessly in every direction while the damp forest floor greets your nostrils. It’s a sensation that both gets you lost in nature and grounds you deeply in the moment.

With our limited-run Christmas Fir goods, we set out to capture this magical sensation. Authenticity begins with pure ingredients, so these releases are rooted in fir and pine distillates that are wildharvested from Christmas tree varietals. This ensures that our Christmas Fir delights the senses with the authentic scent we know and love.

When crafting these releases, we took care to preserve the purity of the locations that inspired them. Many holiday products are chemical-heavy and greasy, which are things Juniper Ridge always avoids. Our wildharvested products bring home the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest without the mess. By sustainably upcycling and harvesting the perfect blend of fir and pine branches and distilling them down to their essence, we ensure the invigorating scent of the wild is always at your fingertips.

Through these all-natural releases, you can experience the magic of the holiday and the Pacific Northwest whenever you want, without the mess. No chemicals, nothing coming between you and nature. Pure and simple, just as things should be.


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