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Appropriately, I asked my kid Jane to help me harvest the Creosote for this special edition Father’s Day Field Lab. We harvested for the afternoon in Palm Springs. It was her birthday weekend, almost exactly a year ago. That’s the thing about being a dad; you begin to mark the passage of time with your children’s birthdays. That thing – the pain of time passing – is thrusted front and center as you watch your kids change, grow, and move on. I’m wrestling with that right now.

This cologne and beard oil mean something emotional and real to me. They represent a year ago, when Jane suddenly, proudly, went out there with me. It was hot and Jane was being difficult. I didn’t bring any water, so she was rightfully irritated to be outdoors in the heat of the day doing this lame thing she’s always been made to do with her dad. But did the thing, we did.


Flash forward to some unspecial morning a few weeks ago, when I harvested that lovely Desert Lavender all by myself. Jane wasn’t there, and I found myself wrestling with a relationship ending and the residual emotional turmoil of that. It’s important to note what was at play in that mental, spiritual moment in time. It’s all tied together, year over year.

Bottled here is a wild harvested, plants-come-alive fragrance in the form of wearable perfume and nourishing beard oil. Gorgeous, leathery, mid-elevation San Jacinto conifers (piñon and juniper) mixed with Desert Lavender at the height of its bloom and sweetness, made for your person. This Field Lab encompasses the way plants interact with the evening as it descends and morphs the landscape, speckling it with stars and cool snaps. That’s what this perfume is made of: two of my years hiking on that beautiful mountain, San Jacinto.


But I’m more interested in what it makes you feel.  


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