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Each year we return to the Topanga Canyon area for inspiration on this classic Field Lab. Spending days in this unique environment, we’re given a chance to appreciate the area’s splendor as the spring flowers begin to blossom. When putting together an annual release like this, we spend a lot of time thinking about the elements that go into it. With us, it’s never a question whether the botanicals used in these limited editions are wild harvested; that’s a given. But there is something else that goes into them, something that’s harder to describe. It’s an intangible ingredient: staying true to a place we love.

How do we capture the honesty of our love for a place like Topanga? It’s sewn through the memories we have, the friendships we’ve made, and the songs we’ve heard as we wind down its warm highways, cool breeze dancing through our hair. Each spring, we set out along the region’s coastal range to craft a limited-edition release that brings these emotions to life, paying homage to the way this natural treasure resonate within us.

Packing an arsenal of good tunes and a craven desire to get into the wild, we hike around Topanga’s hills to find the perfect harvest. There among the chaparral, canyon sunflower, wild rose and sticky monkey flower, the region speaks to us in a way few places can. Producing these field labs takes a lot of work, but it also takes a lot of listening. By showing us such staggering beauty, the area tells us what it wants us to cultivate, and the love we put into our release is how we make good on that connection.

Careful to harvest sustainably, the small differences that come with each season’s release always provide us with a pleasant surprise. This year, Topanga Canyon faced heavy rains. When gathering its sticky, fragrant ingredients, we found they gave the release a showery radiance that invigorates the senses. Subtle yet energizing, by staying true to the beauty of Topanga Canyon, we crafted a wonderful reminder of the magic that can be found there.

These field labs are some of our favorite releases because they occur at the intersection of our play and craft. The creative process behind our Topanga Canyon Field Lab lets us make products honoring a location that’s immensely important to us. Spending time along the canyon’s beautiful coastal range rejuvenates our spirit in a way that shines through in the product. There’s a sacredness that comes with exploring the rich canvas of the Topanga Canyon region, and we hope you enjoy this release as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.


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