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The Mojave is not your typical desert. It doesn’t have the geologic martian weirdness of the Colorado Plateau country or the iconic Saguaros of the Sonoran Desert. What distinguishes the Mojave is its endless miles of emptiness and the darkest, most spectacular night skies.

 When people think of the desert they don’t often realize the endless and gorgeous plant diversity, over 2000 species, from vestigial sky island stands of Sierra Nevada White Fir, to Coastal Chaparral ecological pockets leftover from the last ice age, to those wonderful desert dwellers such as Creosote and Ocotillo that are only found in the Mojave.

There are so many little ecological niches in the Mojave, we could make a different perfume for every canyon. But this mainstay of the Juniper Ridge lineup is singing the song of those mid-elevation coniferous “forests” of Piñon, Juniper, Creosote and 10 million years of blazing sun.  

We’re always trying to go deeper with our perfumes. Recently, we made a little change to our Mojave formulation; adding Chaparral and Sagebrush, which round out the profile with base complexity and help to anchor it all a bit.

We hope you love the new formulation as much as we do. Mojave is one of the stranger aromatic blends we make, but it’s a favorite among us hardcore nature freaks. We like to say it’s the smell of the desert after it rains.


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