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When the lockdown happened back in March 2020, I needed to upgrade the general atmosphere at home. I knew I would be spending much more time inside, and wanted to create a difference in each space of my home. Every room started to pull double duty, and I was looking for something that would both transport me to more calming environs and root me in the present. And as Juniper Ridge says, when you can’t make it out there, bring nature home, so I took that advice and decided to experiment a bit more with essential oils. People have a lot of options for aromatic products, but so many contain synthetic fragrances, and chemicals to smell like somewhere. Juniper Ridge has built a reputation on their renowned steam-distilled essential oils, made from sustainably and wildly sourced plants, leaves, boughs, bark, and leaves. I couldn’t get to the redwood forest while sheltering in place at my city apartment, but this was the next best thing.

Unlike a room spray, which you mist, or candles and incense which you light, to use essential oil and release it into the air, you have to diffuse it. The actual diffusing is part of what I love most about using essential oils. Diffusing is a process that breaks down the essential oil into smaller molecules, dispersing into the air, meaning the air in my apartment actually becomes similar to the air of the Sierra Nevadas, or the Coastal Pine Forests of the northern Pacific coast.   

• There are a few different kinds of diffusers available, and Juniper Ridge’s essential oil works with all of them. 

• Ultrasonic diffusers are by far the most common type on the market. Just add water and a few drops of essential oil and the ultrasonic diffuser uses vibration to turn the mixture into vapor which it then disperses into the air. 

• Ceramic tealight diffusers are another popular option, using heat to create the vapor from the essential oils and water. There are also passive diffusers–no heat, water cords, or batteries, passive diffusers include wooden reeds, which absorb the scent and slowly release it throughout the day.

Once you pick the diffuser that’s right for you and your space, here are a few tips to get started with your essential oils:

• If possible, use distilled water. Distilled water goes through a process that removes all its impurities, so it’s cleaner air in your space. It’s also better for the diffuser, it can cut down on cleaning time, and help your diffuser last as long as possible. 

• Start with just a drop or two of the Juniper Ridge essential oil of your choice, and add more after you gauge how the specific aroma affects your space and senses. Once you are comfortable with diffusing, explore mixing and matching your favorite Juniper Ridge scents. 

• Try adding a few drops of Juniper Ridge essential oil to your bath or favorite lotion. Juniper Ridge also offers a range of other self-care products that incorporate their essential oils, like body oilbody wash, and cologne

• If you have allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory condition, consult your doctor before diffusing essential oils in your space. 

Now that you are comfortable diffusing, pick where you want to go and let Juniper Ridge’s essential oils transport you. Try closing your eyes, and your other senses may just start to believe you’re in the Mojave Desert or the Cascade Mountains instead of your own home. 


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