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A closer look at our exclusive Ceramic Incense Holder from Three Plumes

This Ceramic Incense Holder was made for our Campfire Incense sticks, literally!

Stephanie Intelisano is the ceramicist behind Three Plumes. Based in Oakland, CA, she’s also one of our neighbors at the O2AA eco-industrial park, and we’ve been longtime fans of her work.
Three Plumes X Juniper Ridge

Three Plumes X Juniper Ridge Ceramic Incense Holder

With the launch of our latest Three Plume X Juniper Ridge collaboration, we wanted to share a little bit about why this Ceramic Incense Holder is so special. So, even though Stephanie is incredibly busy, she was kind enough to let a few of us pop over, chat, and take lots of pictures of her studio.

Studio Vibes Snapshot Set 1

The mid-afternoon sun had finally broken through the rain clouds and the inside of the studio was speckled with light making everything look even more magical and exciting. Completely naïve to the inner workings of a ceramics studio, we were in awe of everything, including a bin full of clay shavings discarded from the demolding process.

Handcrafted from clay and finished with a crackle glaze, each piece is unique.
These Ceramic Incense Holders are slip cast, meaning they use a plaster mold to give shape to a liquid form of clay called slip. Stephanie hand pours each Incense Holder, one by one. They are then fired in the kiln, glazed, and fired again to set the glaze. The low steady rumble of the large orange kiln provided easy listening while we exchanged stories, laughed, and snapped pictures. Stephanie let us know that she was actually firing a batch of Juniper Ridge Ceramic Incense Holders while we were there.

See more of Stephanie’s work on her website, or check out her Instagram.

See more of Stephanie’s work on her website, or check out her instagram.

Carrying the distinctive characteristics of their natural materials, these Ceramic Incense Holders are the perfect compliment to our natural plant based Campfire Incense.

We’ve also curated three new Sets featuring our new Ceramic Incense Holders, that include everything you need to start your next aromatic adventure.


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