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Natural Bamboo Soap Saver

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This natural Bamboo Soap Saver is the perfect companion to your favorite Juniper Ridge Bar Soap. Not that you need us to tell you how a soap saver works but… the slotted structure keeps your soap from sitting in water, and allows it to dry in between uses which helps your bar soap last longer. 

Size: Appx.  4.5” x 3”


Natural Bamboo

Other Details

Store on a dry or well draining surface, avoiding standing water. Clean your soap saver every few days to keep it nicer longer.

A mild castile soap that leaves your skin soft and hydrated, naturally.


Made from sustainably sourced ingredients like organic oils and upcycled plants, our soaps are 100% plant based and biodegradable. After the lather washes down the drain, it breaks down safely and does not harm the water cycle or wildlife.


Our soaps actually smell like the outdoors because they are scented exclusively with our house made essential oils steam distilled from real plants native to the American West. Nothing synthetic ingredients, ever.


We don’t use any heat to make our soap. This preserves the properties of our natural ingredients, including our steam distilled essential oils, and produces a soap that is gentle on skin. Cold processed soap also uses less energy during production.

Juniper Ridge and bar soap go way back.

One of the first products ever offered by Juniper Ridge back in the late 90’s was Bar Soap. Back then, the soap was made in our founders basement and sold at a local farmers market in Berkeley, CA. People loved them, and the rest was history.