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I’ve spent my whole life exploring the outdoors. It takes a few rides around the sun to realize how ephemeral the experience of a place is. Every day is so different. These landscapes adapt and transform with the passing of each day, each season, decade after decade. Field Lab is a very finely tuned extraction of that place, that day, that trail.

Every year, following the rhythm of the seasons, we load up the Field Lab van and head out on the trail. A crew of wilderness freaks and I trek out and get deep inside a place. We work it out as we go – why does this place smell so damn good? We harvest and distill just enough to really capture the scent but little enough that we don’t damage the larger ecosystem. We don’t need much, we’re only making about fifty bottles of perfume during Field Lab, so we tread as lightly as we can through these beautiful wild worlds.

One of the places we like to bottle up is the Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood in Oregon. This place has deep roots for me personally – I grew up backpacking and camping in these mountains. The rich, complex aromatics sing fond memories for me and I love sharing that experience with people. I think this is our most popular seasonal release because it really taps into people’s souls – all those yummy Conifers, that cool, rich smell of late summer air. It’s intoxicating. Makes me swoon just thinking about it…

So, here it is! Our Timberline Trail Field Lab assortment for 2016:

Timberline Trail Face Oil

A moisturizing organic jojoba oil base infused with wildharvested aromatics from the Cascades. Ingredients like saps from Spruce, Fir, Cedar, and Pine trees and Scrub Oak Catkin blossoms.

Timberline Trail Soap

We use an all organic coconut and olive oil base and then infuse it with real wildharvested aromatics from the Cascades. Saps from Spruce, Fir, Cedar and Pine trees, distillations of Scrub Oak Catkin blossoms, and glacial silt.

Timberline Perfume

This perfume captures Mt. Hood in late summer/early Fall when there’s a hint of winter just around the corner. The dry sweet smells of summer wildflower meadows lingering in the air by day mixed with the evergreen and conifer scents that make up the cool mountain air by night. Steam distilled essential oils, pitch and juice of Engelman Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Noble Fir, Subalpine Fir, Ponderose Pine, Scrub Oak Catkins and Alpine Yarrow.


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