Wilderness in a Bottle, Our New Line of Personal Fragrances

We know life gets busy, that as much as we feel the wilderness calling, we can’t always get out to the places where we feel most alive and free. That’s why we at Juniper Ridge have lovingly crafted our latest offering, a line of personal fragrances based on our signature essential oils. Now available in four scent profiles–White Sage, Desert Cedar, Coastal Pine, and Redwood Mist–subtly formulated with everyday use in mind, so when you can’t get out there, you can bring nature home. 

Our new line of gender-neutral colognes leaves out the hard chemicals used in standard perfume techniques, foregoing petrochemicals and phthalates for a two-ingredient formula: our steam distilled essential oils and organic sugar cane alcohol.

We went out to the deserts, coasts, and mountains of the west to wildharvest the elements that comprise our colognes, all of them more passion than product.  Creating unique and authentic scent profiles that transport you to these wild places, without any of the toxic and artificial chemicals used in other products, we bring ourselves and customers closer to these places we so revere. 

Wildharvesting is an ancient, primitive, and labor-intensive practice, but we do it because we care deeply about the magic of these landscapes that are central to our nature as human beings. In addition to our wildharvesting, we partner with the timber industry and Cal Trans, making use of industry waste and upcycling those limbs, branches and stumps that otherwise would be burned into the essential oils that form the basis for all of our products. 

Our newest line of colognes is available in four of our core signature scents. Our classic White Sage, created from one of the west’s most iconic plants, invokes the vast Mojave desert, with subtle notes of spicy resin and sunbaked earth. The Desert Cedar scent transports the wearer to a starry night in the high desert of the eastern Sierras, where the air is thick with the sharp sweetness of Juniper and Cedar sap. Our Coastal Pine cologne takes its inspiration from one of the world’s most diverse forests, with scent notes from the pine, fir, redwood and other trees that tower above the ferns and lichens carpeting the ground. Finally, there’s our Redwood Mist cologne, where we combine scent notes of redwood trees and crisp coastal air to invoke a quintessential Californian landscape, where evergreens canopy over amber-colored forest floors. 

All Juniper Ridge colognes are handmade at our Oakland, California warehouse. They are 100% Plant Based, Paraben Free, Phthalates Free, Preservative Free, Dye Free, and Cruelty Free.


We know the difference when we encounter something truly wild; maybe we feel our senses awaken a little more, our bodies relax a little bit, our minds feel a little calmer. Our colognes carry you to these natural landscapes, even if you’ve never been there yourself, and connect you with the most human and wild places in ourselves.That’s why we are thrilled to release our newest line of colognes, uniquely formulated for every person. We are excited to share them with you, and for you to see where they can take you.