We know that the process in which we create our products can seem confusing to someone who has never visited our warehouse (I mean, our techniques do date back a millennia)! “We go to the mountains, harvest wild plants and distill natural fragrance” is a simple and beautiful way for us to express how we turn Big Sur into a soap. But for those of you who want to dig deep into the natural & petrochemical-free fragrance world, you want a better grasp. Let us tell you more! Heck, let us show you more with our workshops!

For each workshop we team up with one of the amazing boutiques we work with or a small company/brand we admire for an opportunity to share our process with their community. Attendees get to walk away with their own local Juniper Ridge fragrance as well as a bit of a hangover from the good times (sorry, not sorry). On our latest adventures for The Wildflower Tour we did a workshop at the contemporary LA store Virgil Normal, super creative Mar Vista Art Department, talented leather-maker Makesmith studios & our most recent workshop was on a weekend getaway for Hipcamp summer campout series! Damn, are we lucky to call these inspiring west coasters our friends!

Each workshop begins with Juniper Ridge Founder Hall taking the group around the neighborhood to talk about the local plants & give everyone a chance to harvest some stuff! Once back at the van we take all of the plant material and put the harvest into the still, top it off with a bucket of water then close the lid.

The still heats up from a propane burner underneath (much like boiling hot water in a pot) as the water begins heat it steams the plant material – the west coast scent rises up and drips down a funnel into our little mason jar. When watching the mason jar you can see the oil (that’s the essential plant oil) separate from the water – when making other products we scrape off the essential oil and that’s what creates each specific scent!

For these simple sprays though we keep the oil + water mixture (hydrosol) & let everyone fill up their own Field Lab bottles so they can take it home! Hydrosal is a great natural alternative to toxic rooms sprays & air fresheners. They are also great for beauty – freshening your skin when on the go or the trail.

Each plant responds differently to distillation which makes each workshop unique! We never quite know what we’re going to get. Keep your eyes on our IG & Facebook & sign up for our newsletter so you can be the first to know when our next workshop is!
Until then you can reveal in the plants of the west coast with our Big Sur Cabin Spray!