Trail Soap, the first product we ever made. We don’t call it Trail Soap because you can use it on the trail (even though you can), it’s called Trail Soap because it brings the mountains into your home.

We’ve been making soap for a long time. Back in 1998, our Founder and Chief Nature Freak Hall Newbegin showed up at the Berkeley Farmers Market with a few dozen bottles of Coastal Sage Scrub in a cooler. There it was, the core of Juniper Ridge from the very beginning: simple, incredible soap made with wildharvested California Sage. The aromatic formulations were much simpler back then; this was before Hall had learned how to extract essential oils. Back then, our soap was made with infusions and fresh plant juice and the only plant Hall had permission to harvest was Black Sage. That recipe still lives on today, except now we call it Big Sur.

Times have changed a bit. We make a lot more soap now than we did back in the old days, but our quality standards are exactly the same. We never use petrochemicals. We always use locally wildcrafted aromatics that have been harvested and extracted by us. We always use organic ingredients for our bases. We harvest on the trail and formulate in our Oakland workshop. Most importantly, we always ensure each bottle is a slice of magic from the real place. For example, Big Sur Trail Soap is made with water from the Pacific Ocean and Redwood needles that we roasted over a bonfire on the beach at Big Sur.

Less than five ingredients go into our Trail Soap (with the aromatic plants counted as one) and we use centuries-old Castille soap making methods. The majority of soap out there today is loaded with synthetic ingredients and made by petrochemical detergent processes. We know that’s just not necessary. We’re proud to offer incredible soap, made with pronounceable ingredients, that gets you clean while echoing the heart and soul of the places we love.
Real soap––that’s what we’ve always made.