Our Cabin Spray is our endearing way of saying “room spray” but with a little more nostalgia and wild place evocation. It’s not meant just for cabins, it’s meant to take you there, to that little spot in the wilderness that hits you smack in your olfactory center, that overtakes your senses, that makes you remember a place and want to bottle it to take with you. We’ve picked some of the most beloved and wild places of the West, distilled them down, and bottled them up just for you.

Our Cabin Sprays are one of the purest expressions of this vision we have of putting the mountains in a bottle. Nothing but wild harvested botanicals in there, no overwhelming petrochemical fragrances or fake anything for that matter, so you can spray away to bring a subtle, light touch of the outdoors into your home. Spray a little Sierra Granite to bring the mountains into your home, Big Sur to bring the salty, sagey, thick coastal air of Big Sur right into your space, Mojave to bring the essence of the resiny Pinon Woodlands of the Southwest and our seasonal Christmas Fir takes you into a deep wintery conifer forest.

While they’re intended as a room spray, you can, of course, use them in a number of creative ways: use as linen sprays, light body perfumes, fine tuning that stale interior of your car, or even sprucing up your cubicle. The ingredients are super simple – Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol from Hawaii, Wild harvested plant hydrosols and essential oils.