It is pretty well known that we are nature freaks here at Juniper Ridge. We’re turned on by ‘real’ scents and have an endless and enduring knowledge of the plants that surround America’s western sprawling concrete towns. Show Juniper Ridge owner, Hall, an image of any ol’ mushroom and he’ll tell you its name and where it can be foraged. Name a rock n’ roll song from any obscure 60’s band and he (as well as most of the office) will, just as quickly, tell you what album it’s on and then pull it out of his jealousy-inducing LP collection that lives in his office.

Hell, his desk looks like it’s lost in a record store and his computer, an obscene piece of modern life in comparison to the beautiful maze of hundreds of those cardboard nostalgia drenched record sleeves. What I am trying to say is, yes, nature freaks we are, but as you may have gathered from our Trail Vibes, we’re a bunch of music freaks to boot.

While working on throwing our second Desert & Denim we knew it was a perfect opportunity to force people to party to the psychedelic sounds of some of our favorite new music. The desert has a way of influencing a loss of inhibition. The windy hot days lead to dark cool nights, where the stars are as bright as full moons, which light up the locals who inspire and scare away the social norms brought in from the city.


The desert folks and city dwellers alike flock to Pappy & Harriet’s, where we hosted our Desert & Denim concert night. Pappy & Harriet’s is cozied up to Joshua Tree National Park, which creates a perfect balance of escape via nature and music, both of which inspire a beyond-words kind of feeling. We needed bands that could produce jaw dropping, head banging, wild performances that would remain an unforgettable memory. Hazy? Maybe. But forgettable? Not a chance!

Mondo Drag, lucky for us, are also from the bay area. They play psychedelic/metal shows with such legitimate skill and precision it intimidates. The vocals are so perfect. It is still hard to believe this band is from 2016!

Dirty Fences are so much fun to watch perform and it’s too hard to keep your feet from moving to their catchy punk hits. Their Ramones style songs make you feel that rock n’ roll is not dead and have you wanting to party till the sun comes up (which is likely to happen if you’re at one of their shows).

POW! have a wild new sound; something like a punk B 52’s? What I do know is that it rocks and while watching them perform you feel whisked away to Andy Warhol’s warehouse.  

Anyways, I shouldn’t bother explaining these sounds to you. Like our Juniper Ridge scents, music is something you have to experience for yourself. So go ahead, light your Desert Pinon incense, open up a Coors, and tune in.


Thank us later.