Trail Vibes Vol. 1: Desert & Denim

Long hours on the road in the Field Lab van lead to longer discussions of what music is, how it moves and inspires us, and how metabolically necessary it is to everyone of us Wilderness Perfumers. Once off the road, add a few beers and discussions inevitably lead to wrestling matches over the greatness of the Ramones vs. Metallica, or labyrinthine, esoteric, late-night stoney diatribes about Texas Psych in the mid sixties. We are a bunch of music nerds who have an eternal weakness for sweet jams and killer riffs.

TRAIL VIBES features a monthly feed of curated playlists by the Juniper Ridge crew and our musician friends. These are the tunes that move us when we are out on the road considering our next Wilderness Perfume. Check out Volume I. on Spotify.

Rock on Trail Scouts!