You’re driving down California’s Highway 1, somewhere south of Big Sur, Neil Young’s “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere” playing on the scratchy radio. Blue sky, the Pacific Ocean, unbearable beauty around every turn. You pull over at Salmon Creek and take a cold dip in a swimming hole fed by waterfalls. You dry off by hiking up the hill into the coastal bluffs that are exploding with wildflowers. The air is thick with salty ocean air and floral beauty. Just off trail, you stop to rest and your senses settle deep into this place. With pollen-drunk bees and hummingbirds flitting overhead, you doze off. You dream.

Our Topanga Canyon seasonal Field Lab collection is the essence of that dream, rooted deep in that place. Captured in these bottles is the magical, short-lived, ephemeral bloom that happens every spring in the Central Coast canyons of California. This beautiful, seasonal explosion of nectary floral goodness just floors us.

People are always asking us to make more floral scents, but the beautiful wild places we love are our muse. We use what the places provide. Topanga Canyon is the perfect blend of wild place: nectary, floral, crisp coastal air. A bottle unique to a blooming place in time.

Our newest Field Lab is available on Friday, September 2nd