The Winter Redwood Farm: Slide Ranch

Perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean with the feel of a small village of hippie shacks and some hazy long forgotten 70’s back-to-the-lander dreamscape, Slide Ranch just exudes the kind of magic that drives us crazy at Juniper Ridge! Slide Ranch is a working organic farm just north of San Francisco with goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, bee hives, vegetable gardens… It’s leased on public land and operates as an educational center. Kids from the surrounding urban areas come out to feel what it’s like in the middle of nowhere for day trips or week long camp sessions in the summer.

The mission of Slide Ranch is to connect children to nature. From their website:  “We cultivate healthy bodies and minds and foster future generations of environmental stewards. By farming, cooking, caring for animals and exploring wilderness and the coast, we teach people of all ages to see the connection between their own health, a healthy food system and a healthy environment.”

Visitors to Slide Ranch learn respect for animals and appreciate their role in producing food and clothing, from milking goats, feeding chickens and gathering eggs, to carding wool from the sheep in our pasture. And by learning to compost, plant, harvest and cook, visitors get an understanding of ecosystems and the benefits of farm-to-table food.

Slide Ranch is a jewel of the North Coast and we were very proud to have harvested right at the ranch, so a little bit of the beauty you see in these pics is in every bottle. We’re pals with the folks who run this place and hung out for a day in January, at Slide Ranch’s Oceanside Yurt as a distillation/fragrance extraction location; it made a great headquarters for the Field Lab Van the week that we were harvesting and extracting the wildharvested fragrance for our Winter Redwood Wilderness Perfume. The end result was that we made three separate products in this year’s wildharvest: The Winter Redwood Trail Soap, The Winter Redwood Trail Resin Cologne, and the Winter Redwood Beard Oil. Only the Trail Soap is still available here.

We are deeply indebted to Slide Ranch for their vision, their caring, their beautiful location, and most of all, their friendship. For more info on Slide Ranch check out the website here