The Creation of Timberline Trail

We hiked Oregon’s Timberline Trail in Mt. Hood National Forest this past fall in order to create a small batch of beard oil and incense. When smelling the Timberline Trail you become transported to the Pacific Northwest with the lingering scent of subalpine fir, spruce and pine, spring water, charred firewood, late-summer wild berries and glacial silt. We wanted to show you the process that goes into making these Field Labs, as we believe the story heightens the senses to the true wilderness which these products come from, along with a glimpse into the work that goes into each and every one.

Popping blisters off of a fir tree to fill up on the sweet sap.

Enfleurage backpacker style.

Enfleurage on the hike to seize the plants fragrance, this is  one of the oldest known ways to capture capture the aroma of vegetation.

Then back to the workshop in Oakland to mess around with portions & create the final scent for Timberline Trail. After filling the bottles we hand dip each one in glacial silt to give a glimpse of the journey through Mt. Hood.

We call it beard oil, but its important to note that its uses extend far beyond facial hair. Timberline Trail beard oil is made with 100% organic jojoba oil. It works amazingly to keep beards moisturized and helps to prevent hair damage (ladies). Jojoba oil is also an amazing face oil as it helps to reduce inflammation and even out sebum production. The essential oils aid with mood and take you to the wild.