Juniper Ridge owner Hall Newbegin is taking over the blog this week to share our Sustainable Harvesting practices to you! Read below to find out about Redwood Harvesting.

People often say, “how can Juniper Ridge harvest plants sustainably with the volume they’re doing?” I want to address this totally valid concern by going through the plants we work with, one by one, and talking about the steps we take to ensure sustainable harvest. Every plant is completely different and requires its own method to ensure sustainability.

Let’s start with Redwoods and other conifers of the West. One of our recent harvest came from Redwoods that were downed by winter storms. We were dispatched as the clean up crew. Our wildcrafting team grabed the chainsaws, gloves, hard hats, and jumped in the good old dump truck to clear the path. When regular Caltrans crews do this, they pile up the plant material in big Central Valley waste yards and burn them. We’re re-purposing it into soap, room sprays and colognes. Everything we do is done with permission and harvested sustainably. Always, every time, no exceptions.

If we’re not collecting fallen trees, we obtain permits from the US Forest Service or State Parks to venture into the woods and trim the bottoms of tall trees. The trees respond well to pruning, and of course keep growing taller and taller, well out of the range of even the most acrobatic wildcrafter. Neither the trees nor the ecosystem are harmed by this type of sustainable wild pruning.

To show our respect for the groups we work with, we give 10% of our profits back to them to further their defense of the Western Wilderness. We played a part in protecting the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument last year and received an award for our partnership with The Conservation Alliance on that project. Shoot over here to see the other wilderness protection groups we work with.

My heart is always in the wild. Keep your eyes peeled for other sustainably harvested articles.

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