Storm Harvest 2015

When you get a bottle from Juniper Ridge, you know it’s full of the real deal. This year, we wanted to extend that authenticity beyond the bottle. So when you open any of your Gift Pack’s this season, even the packing material is going to tell you a story.

The usnea and wolf lichen you’ll find inside was harvested in the middle of an epic October storm, when Oregon’s Mount Hood received over 12 inches of rain in just 48 hours. Leave it to our founder, Hall Newbegin to be right in the middle of it, walking the drenched trails and collecting lichen as the storm knocked it from the trees to the forest floor.

No crappy packing material or exotic mosses ordered from China, not for us. When we want something, we go out and get it ourselves, and in ways that don’t hurt the environment we’re sharing.