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The Story

Winter Redwood is a core member of our Field Lab portfolio. Field Lab is Juniper Ridge’s seasonal wilderness perfume; it defines the outer, experimental edge of what we do. Field Lab captures the sun, rain, and earth, delivering a glimpse of life on the trail. Produced in extremely small batches, these Wilderness Perfumes are poems of the American West. They reflect the rugged, aromatic landscapes from which they’re born.

Dive on in to this rainy, redwood forest scent wildcrafted from the beautiful mountains and trails near Mount Tamalpais.

Application: For men and women. Splash a few drops in your hands and massage into your face (and beard). Use a drop to tame fly-away hair or moisturize dry cuticles.

Size: 1 oz

Scent Notes

Redwood needle, composted leaf litter, wet dirt harvested in secret Redwood canyons, oak, sea mist, cold creek water, wood smoke in the cool evening air.


Organic Jojoba oil, Essential oils of Redwood leaves, needles, branches, tree sap, Douglas fir needle boughs, enfleurage of winter bay laurel, oak dirt, duff, mulch, winter blossoms, fire distilled house wild mushrooms and lichen, usnea, redwood needles

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