White Sage Loose Clusters (1 lb bag)


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The Story
One pound of loose dried White Sage leaf clusters and pieces.
Ancient incense, sustainably harvested.
Directions: Allow to smolder and fill your space with the resinous scent of California’s high deserts. These loose clusters are versatile and can be used as desired. Create your own smudge sticks by bundling tightly with natural twine. Light a small mound in a heat-proof burning dish. Add to a campfire for an aromatic boost. Be careful with fire and never leave burning sage alone.
Burn smudge in a well-ventilated area. Always use with a fire-safe holder or bowl and place on a level, heat resistant surface. Ensure ash and embers are caught safely. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Consult a health care practitioner before use if you are pregnant or suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues. Never leave burning smudge unattended. 

Scent Notes

White Sage has a clean yet earthy, round yet sharp, deep yet light aroma. Its scent is spicy, herbal, and resinous.


Dried White Sage (Salvia apiana)

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