Sand To Snow Field Lab Room Spray


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The Story

A clean, quick solution to personalizing your space, our Sand To Snow Room Spray is an all-natural replacement for more chemical-heavy odor eliminators. Use it to enliven a room, on linens, on upholstery, anywhere that may need a little reviving. The Sand To Snow National Monument topography is unique to the massively diverse Mojave Desert ecosystem. From extreme heat to high elevation frost, the flora ranges from dry, herbal chaparral to resinous Douglas and White Firs. In celebration of this unrivaled landscape, we wildharvested our favorite aromatic elements to create this limited edition line.

Limited quantity is available.

Application: Shake well. Spray into the air to freshen up any room or directly onto fabric, blankets, linen etc.  (1-2 sprays).

2 Fl Oz (60 mL)

Desert, Mountain

Scent Notes

Earthy wood & leaves, refreshing herbs, bright citrus.


Aqua (distilled water), Organic Cane Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol), Vegetable Glycerin (Glycerin), & Steam Distilled Essential Oils.

100% Plant Based

Paraben Free

Phthlate Free

Preservative Free

Dye Free

Cruelty Free