Desert Beard and Face Oil


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Trail Notes:
3123-2: Them Desert Rats
The Story

DESERT BEARD &FACE OIL is an organic jojoba-based moisturizer scented with wildcrafted fragrance distilled from plants from the Mojave Desert of Southern California. The unique desert plants make for a truly different kind of fragrance: rugged and complex, like the desert it comes from.

The unisex DESERT BEARD & FACE OIL wears easy; the jojoba oil absorbs quickly and won’t leave you greasy. Apply generously and experience the desert trail with us, not some kind of fragrant inspiration of the trail, but a true-piece of it, itself.

DESERT BEARD & FACE OIL complements our other wilderness perfumes from the yucca fields of Joshua Tree, including our Desert Denim Wash and our Mojave line including Backpacker Cologne, Cabin Spray and Trail Soap.

Scent Notes
Complex, resinous, earthy Earthy Desert Chaparral flowers after a late winter rain, leathery Piñon needle and pitch, resinous desert cedar leaf, peppery black bush, hot granite stone midday in the desert sun.
Organic jojoba oil, desert chaparral, wildflower infusion, sweet pine tincture

3123-2: Mojave Harvest

What keeps most people out of the United States’ smallest of four deserts is the exact reason we’re here.

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