Secret Campgrounds of the Sierra Nevada: Wild Plum Campground

One of the benefits of wandering around in the woods a lot is that you stumble on some pretty amazing, off-the-beaten-path campgrounds. Wild Plum Campground, in the High Sierras, is one of our favorites. Here’s what we love about it:

1) Juniper Ridge was born here! This is where a young Hall Newbegin used his Pacific Coast Tree Finder to identify his first tree (it was an Incense Cedar, just in case JR ever pops up as a Jeopardy category). His original experiments with wildcrafting happened here too, a story Hall tells while walking around a wintry Wild Plum Campground in this video.

2) All the sites are non-electric and most are tent-only, keeping the RVs to a minimum.

3) Ecologically, it’s a miniature version of the High Sierras—home to the different evergreens that give this area its unbelievable scent.

4) It’s the perfect jumping-off point for hikes to the Lakes Basin and the nearby Sierra Buttes. You can get directions and make reservations for Wild Plum at Reserve America.