"We want to facilitate a space that celebrates and also encourages positive engagement with the natural world."

Part of the joy of sharing our products in the boutique world is seeing the unique way each shop chooses to showcase the goods. Public Land Store nailed it. In the industry, the art of placement is called “visual merchandising” and it has everything to do with how well products are received and experienced. When we saw how beautifully this new plant haven and shop had incorporated our line into their mission and aesthetic, we got excited. We’re not only looking forward to fostering this budding relationship, we are thrilled to see how perfectly their vision and that of Juniper Ridge collide.

Located in Sacramento, California, Public Land Store offers an assortment of thoughtfully sourced treasures as well as live plants, meant to invoke and foster an engagement with the natural world (sound familiar?).  “We offer an eclectic assortment of unusual cacti and succulents, along with goods, collectables and original art from a wide range of artists who use various mediums to explore and re-imagine the ways we experience, interact and perceive our natural environment.” Pop in and see their new digs if you’re in the neighborhood.