Paying Our Share: 2021 Wilderness Defense Recipients

Juniper Ridge is proud to announce this year’s worthy recipients of our Western Wilderness Defense funding.

Every year we donate 10% of our sales or 1% of profits, whichever is greater, to non-profit groups focused on wilderness conservation. This was a founding principle of Juniper Ridge, and one we have maintained for nearly two decades.

Every year we donate 10% of our sales.

We experienced a tough and uncertain 2020 along with everyone in the Bay Area, the country and worldwide. In spite of supply and logistics disruptions, adapting to the pandemic and working remotely, and the untimely death of our founder Hall Newbegin, our team stayed on course, producing and selling our wildharvested fragrance, home and body products. It feels like an achievement to have pushed through these struggles to the year-end tradition of giving back to the lands and wild places that inspire us!

In the face of multiple devastating wildfires over the past few years and an ever-increasing crush of outdoor tourism to under-funded public lands, the Ventana Wilderness Alliance works to protect, preserve and restore the coast of Big Sur and neighboring Santa Lucia Mountains in central California. Their stewardship programs include trail upkeep on popular backpacking routes and preservation of archaeological sites in this singular area of the world.

In the spirit of equity and interconnectedness, this year’s giving recipients represent a broader range of regions and interests. Though our favorite parts of California and the Pacific Northwest are represented as always, we also chose to donate to multiple Indigenous groups in California, Utah, Alaska, and Canada. We recognize that Indigenous territory is often the front line of defense against environmental destruction, and we believe these peoples and lands deserve attention and increased funding. We are providing links to all our recipients below, and we encourage the reader to learn more and consider donating directly!

We must support ongoing fights to defend Indigenous peoples’ lands and ways of life.

Juniper Ridge acknowledges that we live and work on land stolen from the original inhabitants, and that we must support ongoing fights to defend Indigenous peoples’ lands and ways of life.

United Tribes of Bristol Bay is a tribal consortium working to protect the traditional Yup’ik, Dena’ina, and Alutiiq ways of life in Southwest Alaska that depend on the pristine Bristol Bay Watershed and all it sustains, most notably Bristol Bay’s wild salmon.

United Tribes of Bristol Bay was formed to protect their region and traditional wild salmon fishing waters from environmentally destructive projects such as the Pebble Project, a massive proposed copper and gold mine. Though Bristol Bay is more than 2000 miles from our headquarters in Oakland, California, we feel a responsibility to aid in their defense from out of touch governmental decision-makers and rapacious extractive industries.

Since joining The Conservation Alliance in 2011, Juniper Ridge has contributed a total of $17,500 to our grant fund which supports grassroots conservation organizations working to protect North America’s wild places. During that time, our funding has helped 145 projects cross the finish line, leading to the protection of 46,552,262 acres and 899 river miles; remove or halt 19 dams; purchase 16 climbing areas; and designate five marine reserves. We look forward to working together for years to come, and are grateful for all of their continued support.
— Conor McElyea, Conservation Alliance Membership Program Manager

We would also like to acknowledge Conservation Alliance, who helps guide our charitable giving. And lastly, the team at Juniper Ridge thanks our friends and family, customers and partners for their continued support.

— Leah Fritts, Juniper Ridge COO