Backcountry is our new everyday line—simple, aromatic formulations for about half the price of our Juniper Ridge products. A fresh, simple, affordable hit of the outdoors.

These soaps and room sprays have the exact same quality standards as Juniper Ridge; the aromatic oils are harvested and extracted by us, we only use organic ingredients for the rest (vegetable oils, alcohol, etc.) and of course, no petrochemicals—ever.

We’re not making any compromises on quality here, the only difference is that the aromatic formulations for Backcountry products are way simpler. For instance, our Juniper Ridge Big Sur Soap is made with about 30 ingredients; including tree sap and wild harvested mushroom extractions, numerous wild sage infusions and aromatic oils. Backcountry White Sage has one aromatic ingredient: White Sage.

Over the years, we’ve formed connections with State and National Parks as well as the US Forest Service. We’ve learned there are certain plants that can be sustainably harvested, indefinitely. In fact, this is of great benefit to these incredible landscapes, they need to be strategically pruned so as to best survive inevitable wildfires. We like to turn that stuff into our products.

In addition to these awesome partnerships, we’ve upped our capability to extract aromatics through a big investment in North America’s first wilderness perfume extraction facility.

So. We can kick ass now, making lots of stuff with cool plants. We want to pass those savings onto you. Here it is: your new everyday soap and room spray. Oh, and candles are right on these guys’ tails.

Why these two scents?
White sage is one of our favorite plants! It was one of the first plants we worked with nearly 20 years ago at the Berkeley and San Francisco farmers markets. It’s a plant that we know how to harvest sustainably.  We go back to the same fields, prune the plants and watch them come booming back the next year. We treat all of our harvesting spots like wild gardens, monitoring our harvesting activities to make sure it has no impact on either the plants or the larger ecosystem.

Cascade Forest is made with true firs from the Northwest. We work with Hall’s family to harvest true firs on their timber land in the Pacific Northwest. Sustainable harvesting is easy here because we’re harvesting around the bottoms of the tree and those tall trees keep growing towards the sky.

So here it is, your new everyday soap and room spray!