Movie Night

Hitting the trail isn’t the only way to get a new perspective. Sometimes the most inspiring thing is staying in to watch a film that reminds you how beautiful and rare the world really is. Here are our top five picks for films guaranteed to take you somewhere special— unorthodox, beautiful little gems, all.

Dam Nation

A Patagonia film, this one is bound to shake up how you think about energy production across the American West. It’s a must for anyone interested in the cutting edge of wilderness protection and restoration.

Into the Wild

We know, we know, Christopher McCandless is a polarizing guy. But rather than wallow where his story ended, we like to bask in the glory of its start, when a true wanderer set out to inspire himself and ended up inspiring a whole generation.


This sweeping, nonlinear epic is a radical meditation on the interdependence of all creatures on this little planet of ours and the tenuous role our own species plays in the grand drama. It’s a moving portrait of the fragility of all life— a true cinematic wonder.


This is a wild one, a magical thriller about an eighteenth century French perfumer grappling with obsession and insanity and what the two mean for his craft. It’s intense and gorgeous, with super-saturated color and powerful attention paid to the mystery of this very unique thing that we do.

Withnail and I

This one we threw in just for laughs. It’s dumb. That’s why we love it! Turn off your busy brain and just enjoy laughing at all the idiotic things these guys do. Stupid references to this classic have become standard trail humor for us.