Our promises of wildharvested ingredients and handcrafted formulation are still true. Our commitment to our quality standards remains the same – we only ever use organic base ingredients like Coconut and Olive oils, and good old fashioned Castille soap making techniques. Backcountry just isn’t quite the art project that Field Lab or our Juniper Ridge flagship products are. Backcountry’s aromatics are vastly simplified, using only one or two aromatic ingredients. Just as evocative as the cooler, older, fancier kids, Backcountry still delivers that perfect hit of the wilderness.

Working within these much simpler parameters, we started to think ‘damn, maybe we don’t have to work so hard to capture the essence of a place.’ Harvesting is exhausting, but it’s what we know best. We’ve spent twenty years finding our groove at bringing out each aromatic element of a specific place during a specific season. That’s incredibly fulfilling and it’s how we best execute our vision for unlocking the beauty of a place to those who may not ever have a chance to go there. We realized maybe we’re freaks, and maybe the complex nuances of a place aren’t so important to most people. So, we simplified.

We picked these ingredients – Cascade Firs from the Pacific Northwest and desert White Sage – for Backcountry because they’re easy to harvest sustainably on a large scale. We work extensively with local ranchers to ensure we harvest delicately and intelligently. In fact, the way we work actually helps to train the plants to regenerate stronger and more successfully year after year. We’ve found that harvest sweet spot; working alongside nature to be gentle on the individual plants and the larger ecosystem around them.

So, you can feel good about your Backcountry purchase. Not only are these room sprays and body washes more affordable and more straightforward, they’re made consciously with great intention and respect for the places we love.

We’ve worked hard to cultivate our love of the deep experience of our favorite places. It’s time we make it more accessible to everyone. Sometimes you don’t need the fancy stuff. Backcountry’s here for you.