Jordan's Top Five Wilderness Photographers

We couldn’t be happier to announce the great Jordan Vouga has joined Juniper Ridge as our Art Director. Jordan comes to Oakland from Chicago, and he runs the beloved Ancestry Quarterly magazine. For his first Juniper Ridge blog post, we asked him to share his five favorite wilderness photographers.

Kevin Russ @kevinruss

Kevin has a pretty cool life. He travels around the country shooting on his iphone and selling the prints to get by. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to jump off like that and it certainly shows in his images. It isn’t about the camera; it’s about the photographer.

Mikael Kennedy @mikaelkennedy

These are this kind of photos you want to keep looking at. Mikael’s images are oozing with emotion. He has the ability to transport you to that place and keep you there. Luckily he does a bit of publication work with images that are available on his site.

Kate Rentz @katerentz

The essence of “the road trip,” Kate’s images are all about the story. For me, an image needs to give me insight and knowledge, and Kate’s certainly speak volumes. Just take a look at her blog.

Daniel Trese

Daniel is more of a lifestyle photographer but the few wilderness images he displays are absolutely beautiful. I’m a total sucker for film and this dude knows how to utilize it properly.

Rob Williamson @rob_williamson

Rob has a keen eye for humans interacting with nature. His photos tend to look like film stills in the best way possible. Rob also creates some pretty awesome videos. Check out his still and moving images on his site.