Inside The New Packaging Artwork

Obi Kaufmann, our own Chief Storyteller, has been hiking with Hall and Juniper Ridge for nearly a decade. So we couldn’t be more excited to announce that his artwork will be defining the new look of Juniper Ridge’s packaging. Here’s Obi, talking about his art: “I’ve been a gallery artist most of my adult life, but in the past few years I’ve been spending more time on the trail than in my studio. From all those backcountry hours, my style has taken on the character of an amateur-naturalist, intent on keen observation while preserving the mood of the wild place I’m trying to record. Bright colors, moody atmospheres, rich patterns, and long days hiking inform my compositions. I believe that my paintings and Juniper Ridge’s formulations are similar methods of getting to the same end: a deep communion with nature, a piece of the place itself. I love that the artwork on our packaging isn’t the brain-child of a designer paid to construct a projection of what these places might be like. These paintings reflect Juniper Ridge’s core value that everything we do must come from the inside. Nothing outsourced, whether it be the harvesting of our own wild aromatics or expressing that deep interaction with nature through some visual branding. If it ain’t real, it ain’t us.” Below are some of Obi’s trail paintings, and if you would like to dig deeper into his work, check him out at and As always, you can contact him directly at if you wish to talk about Wilderness Perfume or interacting with nature on a deep and wild level.