I’m a store owner and would love to carry some of your items. How do I get more information?

Great! Please contact us directly at


Can I order over the phone?

Yes, you can always order over the phone, although our occasional free shipping offers and other discounts will only apply to orders placed online.


Shipping Information

We will ship your order within 2 business days and usually quicker than that. Realistically, you’re looking at a week or two to receive your order after it’s been placed (most packages take 3-7 business days within the continental U.S.)

Flat rate shipping costs for domestic orders are as follows:

  • $8.95 for continental U.S.
  • $15.95 for Canada, Alaska or Hawaii. Please allow two weeks delivery time.

We do not ship Internationally at this time due to international customs laws. Check out our Store Locator for retailers where you can purchase Juniper Ridge products around the world.


Check Order Status

Once your item is shipped you should receive a FedEx or USPS tracking number in your inbox. If we are sending to a P.O. Box or Canada, email to check on the status of your order.


Why don’t you ship internationally?

Import regulations and labeling laws vary considerably by country, so for now we can only ship within the United States and Canada. That said, check out our Store Locator for retailers where you can purchase Juniper Ridge products around the world.


Other Questions About Your Order

If you have any questions regarding your order not already answered on our help page, please contact us at 1-800-205-9499 or email our customer service desk at Please keep in mind that our hours are Monday through Thursday, 9am to 5pm Pacific.

Please note that we cannot accept orders submitted through the mail.

Product Guarantee

We guarantee all our products forever—you can return anything at any time for any reason, or, better yet, for no reason at all. How’s that for a return policy? If you have questions about returns please call us at 1-800-205-9499, Monday through Thursday, 9-5 PST.

The mailing address to which you should return your items:

Juniper Ridge Returns
P.O. Box 5535
Berkeley, CA 94705

Please include a note with your name, address, contact info, contents of the return and whether you would like a refund or exchange of goods.

Please note, you are responsible for the shipping charges each way.

If you purchased your items from any place other than the Juniper Ridge online shop, please contact that store directly.


I don’t like what I ordered. Can I get my money back? Or can I exchange it for something else?

Sure! If you bought the product through our website, we offer a refund or exchange on unopened products and an exchange on opened products, (you pay for shipping each way).

Send it to Juniper Ridge PO Box 5535 Berkeley, CA 94705.

Do you have free samples?

We know it’s tough to pick out a cologne without being able to smell it first! We have a Backpacker Cologne Sample Kit available in our shop. This is a really good way to get to know the regions and help you decide what scent suits you best. It also makes a really great gift!

Also, our retail partners have testers at their shops so you can try out our fragrances. Check out our Store Locator to find your closest shop.


What is Wilderness Perfume?

Wilderness perfume is what we make around campfires and on the trail in the backcountry mountains of the West. Wilderness Perfume is both a concept, an aromatic snapshot of a wild moment, and an ingredient: all of our products contain wilderness perfume.


Is Wilderness Perfume for men or women?

Both. The conventional fragrance industry would have you believe that musky is masculine and floral is feminine, but where do the sages and conifers of the West fall on that spectrum? Who does a spring day on Big Sur belong to? Everyone. While some of our seasonal products (like the Beard Oil) might imply gender exclusivity, our unisex wilderness perfumes are designed to be enjoyed by everyone who could use a shortcut to a wilderness experience.


What is “wildharvesting,” and is it legal?

Yes, completely legal and totally sustainable. We harvest with permits from the Forest Service or permission from the landowner, and harvests are often done in conjunction with the Forest Service’s fire-mitigation efforts. The places we gather our plants and tree trimmings from are like wild gardens to us, and we return to the same spots year after year so we can monitor our impact on the land.


What is a Field Lab Item?

Field Lab is our seasonal wilderness perfume, and it defines the outer, experimental edge of what we do. Produced in extremely small batches, our Field Lab products tend to sell out very quickly… some within hours of their release! Guarantee you’ll be first in line for Field Lab products by signing up for our Trail Scout Club subscription service , or sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to hear about these exciting products as soon as they are available.


My soap is cloudy and I see separation occurring, is this normal?

Yes, our liquid soap does separate when it gets cold, and it makes the soap look sort of trippy. Heat slightly, shake the bottle, and bam—you’re back to normal.


My incense won’t light. Is it defective?

Our incense is made up of three simple ingredients: wildcrafted plant material, tree sap, and the wood stick. There are no artificial burning agents added to our incense, so from time to time a stick will burn out. Just re-light the incense using this technique that works for us 99% of the time:  hold the stick completely vertical and pass the flame up and down the incense. Then really hold the flame on the end and that’s it!


Can I use Cabin Spray as body spray?

Yes, our Cabin Sprays make fabulous personal fragrances. Spray on skin, clothes, and scarves, or splash into your hair. There’s no tincture or resin in there so the chances of staining clothes are much less than our colognes.


What’s the difference between Desert Denim Wash, Cabin Spray and Backpacker Cologne?

Concentration. The Desert Denim Wash approaches cologne concentration (much stronger than the Cabin Spray) and contains only a clear distillate. Although it is nearly as strong as our Backpacker Cologne, it doesn’t contain the tincture, which means it won’t stain your clothes. The Cabin Spray is a much lighter hit. The Mojave Cabin Spray (the closest relative of the Desert Denim Wash) is a more complex formulation designed to express the wild foraged moment it was born in. This also explains the absence of a Harvest Number on our Desert Denim Wash, even though the fragrance is, of course, extracted and harvested in the same manner as all of our other Wilderness Perfumes.


What is Desert Denim Wash and how does it work?

We designed Desert Denim Wash as an apparel refresher. Spray a few times on the front and back of your jeans for a quick deodorizing effect. The Desert Denim Wash does not eliminate dirt and grime from the pants themselves.

The organic sugarcane alcohol we use as a base of this dry wash spray will dissolve some odor causing bacteria in your jeans. Too much laundering of your premium denim will compromise their color and durability. This product provides a stop-gap freshener between washes… a real hit of the wilderness that leaves you smelling like you just spent the day among the wildflowers in the California’s Mojave desert.


Can I buy your products from a store in my area?

Probably! Check out our Store Locator, which includes a growing number of shops in North America and beyond that carry our stuff. If you run out of Big Sur cologne while you’re on holiday in Sweden, we’ve got you covered.


Why are your prices so high?

Harvesting and distilling our own fragrances is a little bit of a crazy undertaking from a cost perspective. Every bottle represents dozens of hours of hiking, foraging, and distillation, and we never cut corners on anything. Its takes 500 gallons of Redwood needles, for example, to make a single pint of essential oil. Everything we do is organic, and we never use the cheap synthetic ingredients that fill department store perfumes. The results are gorgeous, and once you’ve experienced them, we think you’ll agree that wildcrafted is worth it.

I would like to talk to a real person. What day and time should I call?

Our offices are open from 9am to 5pm Pacific, from Monday to Thursday. We always try to answer the phone during this time. Or shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Where are you located? Are you open to the public for tours?

Both our offices and distillery are located in sunny Oakland, California. Unfortunately we are not open to the public.


Are you hiring?

You’ll find all current openings on Craigslist. Even if we don’t have a job posted, we’re always looking to connect with quality folks who love what we do and are interested in joining the Juniper Ridge team. Send your resume to, along with a short note about why you’d like to work with us and some of the skills you would bring to the organization.


Privacy Policy

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