In Defense of Why We Hike in Denim

With the launch of DESERT DENIM WASH, we thought we should take a moment and plead our case for why you can find our team in the backcountry simply dressed without all the bells and whistles you would find in outdoor box-store mall-type stores across the country. All that stuff sucks. The team here at Juniper Ridge has been wearing denim while hiking and backpacking for years. It is why we came up with Desert Denim Wash: to make the transition easy, from backcountry to inner city with one or two pumps of a wildflower refresher that does not make us smell like a gross fragrance counter.

You probably know all about the hype around the idea that cotton is not an ideal fabric for hiking. This community of denim-heads begs to differ. We love hiking in jeans for its inherent comfort, its durability, and its breathability. Whether scrambling under chaparral, crawling through tall grass, or sitting on a log by a campfire (three very common activities of the Juniper Ridge Wilderness Perfumer), denim stays snag free and repels rough elements like no other textile. Most of the guys and girls here at Juniper Ridge only have a couple of pairs of pants. With just a few pumps of the Desert Denim Wash we can go from the hike to the city and a dinner out without having to change out of our hiking pants. What is up with dedicated outfits to activities anyway? Hiking clothes seems weird. We hike everyday; therefore, our style should reflect our real lifestyle – not some imaging of it just like our Wilderness Perfume really. We do not care about the latest gear or the latest fad in hiking or backpacking; we do care about the classics, and we care about style. Denim does it for us.

There are folks who deride denim as an outdoor fabric because of cotton’s ability to retain and hold water. You will probably be running for shelter anyway in a rain storm, and denim actually has really good temperature regulating capabilities. We do most of our hiking in California anyway, and apparently it is never going to rain here again… Depending on the weave, denim can provide warmth, breathability, and durability. We need that thick skin; these thorns hurt! How many times have we slid down a rock with a full pack grateful that we are wearing the truly original “technical fabric?” These are the qualities we want in a hiking pant: tough-as-hell seams, durable riveting, and a classic fit. The rest is bullshit. As you know by now, Juniper Ridge hates bullshit. Check out Desert Denim Wash for a quick refresher across all your rugged apparel; you’ll smell like you just came off the trail with us.