Iconic California: The 2020 Big Sur Field Lab

Some say the stretch of Highway 1 that runs through Big Sur is one of the longest undeveloped coastlines in the country. This fall we are honoring this beautiful region with our small batch, special edition field lab. A love letter to one of our favorite places, where the fog rolls off the Pacifc Ocean, up the rugged cliffside and into redwood forests, our 2020 Big Sur Field Lab is available as an Essential Oil, Hand + Body Wash, and Trail Resin Cologne. 

Big Sur holds a special place for the staff here at Juniper Ridge. Big Sur’s wilderness helped inspire founder Hall Newbegin to start Juniper Ridge back in 1998. It was part of the first line of scents we had here at Juniper Ridge, and in this small way we continue to honor our Hall, who passed away last June. Field Labs were sacred to him, and so were wilds of the Santa Lucia mountain range. The Santa Lucias and Big Sur offer up a cool, crispy scent that reflects the iconic section of California coast. The fragrance is now an homage to the enchanted forests and jagged coastal bluffs that Hall loved. It carries scent notes of ocean mist, dew laden redwoods and wild sage hillsides. We also paid tribute to Hall with our last field lab, Topanga Canyon, from another unique ecosystem on the California coast–where Hall loved to catch the spring wildflower blooms and the warmth of the Southern California Sun.

Big Sur’s wilderness helped inspire founder Hall Newbegin to start Juniper Ridge back in 1998.

Nothing made Hall happier than seeing how the field lab’s fragrance changed year to year. So we continued our tradition this year with the Big Sur field lab, an aromatic snapshot of the fog crawling up the steep granite cliffs to forests full of Monterey pines and black sage flowers–not to mention the queen of the California coast, the towering coastal redwood. We love the Big Sur region, and we feel like it’s on us to help protect it. Through our own Western Wilderness Defense Fund, we’ve supported the mission of our friends at Ventana Wilderness Alliance, an organization dedicated to preserving the Santa Lucia mountain range, and keeping the wilderness of the Big Sur backcountry wild. If you want to learn more about preservation efforts taking place in the region, Ventana Wilderness Alliance is a great place to start.

Hall believed in the power of scent. He said we respond to the wild with our primal, animal-like senses, not our brains, so that our sense of smell can affect us in ways our minds don’t understand. He found peace in this beautiful coastline, and we hope you do too with our 2020 Big Sur field lab.

In light of the recent wildfires nearby, 10% of sales of this collection will be donated to Big Sur Fire to support their wildland firefighting efforts.


As part of our celebration of the life and passions of Juniper Ridge founder Hall Newbegin, we are rereleasing one of his Big Sur-themed mixes as part of our 2020 Big Sur Field Lab collection. Enjoy these tunes with Hall and Big Sur in your thoughts.