Get Your Hands Dirty

Authenticity is everything to us, and while you can always assume what’s inside your Juniper Ridge bottle is the real deal, this time we took it one step further. Or rather, one huge step back, like, 12,000 years back.

At the end of the the most recent ice age, the Palmer, Newton Clark, Eliot and other glaciers of Mount Hood were about a mile thick at 6000 ft elevation, almost exactly where the Timberline Lodge is today. Over the past 12,000 years, all of those glaciers have receded up slope, but if you know what you’re looking for, the remnants of their presence are still everywhere. Those mile-high glaciers weighed, errr, well let’s just say they were freakin’ heavy, and everyday they’d move forward a bit, grinding the stones beneath them and over the years, leaving a vast buildup of silt. Today, when you walk out the door at Timberline Lodge and head in any direction— into the woods, downslope, or even upslope into open country— ain’t nothin’ but glacial silt, everywhere. Even far downslope where the forest floor is all topsoil, dig into it. In a short time you’ll hit silt, a age-old reminder of a time when those massive glaciers spilled down into the low elevation valleys below.

What does all this mean for that cool new step I mentioned? When you buy a Timberline Trail Face and Beard oil check out the bottle. All that rocky stuff on the outside, that’s real, delicious, primitive glacial silt, straight from the Timberline Trail to remind you of the long, incredible history you’re holding in your hand