Forever Challenging: An Interview with Rob Moss Wilson

When we decided to do a capsule collection of artist-designed softgoods this season, a collaboration with the painter Rob Moss Wilson seemed like a natural fit. Much of his work is rooted in outdoor spaces, and we love his playful, colorful, and inviting vision of the outdoors.

Interview with Rob Moss Wilson

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
I’m 35 now and I live in Martinez. I lived in Berkeley for a long time before that. I spend most of my time either drawing or painting or being out in nature and hanging out with my partner Nicole or the dog or my family or swimming, and that is it – that sums it up!

How would you describe your artwork?
Lately, it has been very straightforward: my work is a sincere appreciation of nature and people hanging out together and being in cool spaces. I render them with as much love and pzazz as I am capable of which usually keeps the painting pretty small… or at least that is what has been happening lately. With drawing it’s a little different, I’ll draw whatever all the time. My drawings come from a much stranger pool of concepts.

Can you talk a little bit about how nature shows up in your artwork?
Nature is definitely primary and it is something that is forever challenging. I think that is what makes it interesting, trying to depict it in various ways. It definitely comes from my joy but also the effort of trying to display it in a way that’s honest to the experience is a big part of it. It feels more like a wrestling match or something. You’re just wrestling with your appreciation of the thing so you can’t take yourself too seriously. I think that might be the best way of trying to capture nature. It’s going to be like a little wrestling match. *laughs*

We felt like you were going to be a great person to do the artwork because Juniper Ridge is all about the deep love of nature and we think your artwork is too. 
Yea we both concentrate it and bring it home. That is true, I make my own kind of body lather! *giggles*

My work is a sincere appreciation of nature and people hanging out together and being in cool spaces.

What is your favorite part about being in nature?
Interesting… [long pause]. I think it is kind of like walking the dog. Your body is pretty happy to be there however you got there. You’ve gotta keep the dog happy and that is one easy way to do it. So the dog is like your human body. What it appreciates most is being outside and appreciating these things rather than staring at your computer or something.

So would you say on the inside you are more like a dog then? *laughs*
Its behavior is more aligned with a dog than a human when I look at my pretty simple desires. And I am fussy and I want to go on a couple walks a day and I want to be exercising and if I am not I am a little mopey. So yes, I am a dog. *laughs*

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You can view more of Rob’s work on his website and follow him on Instagram.

Photo Credits

Artist photos courtesy of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Art image by Rob Moss Wilson. Merchandise photos by Leanne Kriz for Juniper Ridge.