Desert & Denim 2015

Last week came and went, culminating the inaugural Desert and Denim trade show. Juniper Ridge and twenty three other pioneering brands flooded the hi-desert for riotous collaboration and dusty revelry. For a few days, we were living our own unreal dream caught somewhere between lucid euphoria and articulate oddity. It was only proper for this creator’s conclave to assemble outside of Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree, the expansive land where two deserts meet, presides over the marriage of two distinct desert ecosystems: the Colorado and Mojave. Desert and Denim mirrored this intricate system of emulsion with the joining of like-minded brands whose paths might not intersect as often as they should. But, much like the aforementioned desert collision, when their paths do cross, something beautiful begins to emerge.

Something beautiful certainly emerged. The entire trade show was seemingly smitten with an aura of creativity and inspiration. Many brands forged friendships and conceived collaborations. Others took to the outback for an opportune photo shoot, or for a breath of spiritual refuge. Together, we navigated the interactive landscape of natural dyed Jungmaven hemp t-shirts, Otterwax workshops, Fellow Barber shaves and trims, Ft. Lonesome chain-stitch embroidery and live Premium Tattoo inking with Matt Decker. Denim figureheads Indigofera embodied enduring workmanship, while TOPO Designs and Iron & Resin personified the adventure and lifestyle we’ve all come to embrace. Publication darlings Ancestry Quarterly brought levity and an anti-marketing attitude to the proceedings with their Dessert and Denim photo-zine.

Yes, Desert and Denim was a success. Boundless thanks to everyone who came out to make this happen. Let’s continue to work together and ride the beguiling wave we’ve created as it gains momentum and continues to blossom. See you next year.