Defending Wilderness

We’re hikers above all else. We love the outdoors and know that part of loving something is standing up for it, even when it costs you something.

Every year, we give 10% of our total profits to wilderness groups. We gave away $22,000 last year, and we’re well on our way to $25,000+ this year. And while giving away money is all fine and good, we also want to make sure that we (by which we mean, the world) get the biggest bang for our personal buck on these investments, by prioritizing groups that are working on campaigns and protecting actual wilderness spaces right now. This year we’re supporting groups working on the Owyhee Canyons National Monument in Oregon, the incredible coastal wilderness designations for both Northern and Southern California, and the mojave wilderness additions.

We also donate our time, protecting wilderness by doing things like trail maintenance and invasive weed removal projects. This past year we were instrumental in the protection of 300,000 acres of coastal wilderness in the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument, work we did both in time and money. We even received an award for Outstanding Wilderness Protection from the Conservation Alliance.

We’ve been honored to see that, as our influence grows, so does the reach of our advocacy megaphone.

So when you buy from Juniper Ridge, you’re not only getting something from the wild, you’re helping to protect it.

See you on the trail.