Cascadia Rising Journal: Tuesday

It was a long day of driving. We said goodbye to Seattle and made our way toward Portland. However, we couldn’t leave Washington without paying a visit to one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes: Mount Rainier. The leviathan was cloaked in old growth, donning a princely glacial crown. We ascended the Wonderland Trail, blinded by glacier light. Our mandibles fixed ajar in wonder and reverence, simply the nearness to this somber colossus was enough to shape us. In this icy terrain, it’s hard to imagine a molten invasion. It feels too lunar, too reminiscent of the cryovolcanism of Triton, Ganymede and Miranda. But looks are too often deceiving; with a 14,000 ft apex, Mount Rainier is considered a Decade Volcano for its prospective devastation upon eruption, placing the entire Puyallup River valley in grave danger.