Cascadia Rising Journal: Monday

We love Seattle. Today began with a revitalizing hike through Cougar Mountain with some friends. This low-elevation wild land covers over three thousand acres entwined with ropes of luscious foliage and elegant streams. December is upon us, and Jack Frost had smitten the park with his delightfully callous caress. Unfortunately the frigidity stonewalled a promising afternoon of mushroom foraging, but the loss was rectified by the invigorating aesthetic. A winter wonderland saunter was essential to ignite our visionary juices, for sometimes all we need is a humble reminder of nature’s indispensable qualities that we unceasingly endeavor to dispense. There’s always a variable scent in the wind, and it’s our job to create its sweet smelling doppelgänger before its retreat. After the hike concluded, we reconvened at Brouwer’s Cafe for cocktails and conversation. Thanks to the lovely Freemans, Asher Goods, Eric Kimberlin and everyone else who came out, hung out and shared in our Seattle prowl. We look forward to doing it again soon.

Portland, here we come!