It is not always easy to find the calm in our everyday lives that we feel when immersed in nature. That’s why we created our room sprays, a no-fuss way to bring the aroma of the outdoors into your home. We think of it as nature in a 2 oz glass bottle. Just one or two spritzes and you will be transported to one of several landscapes of the American West. 

You can use our room sprays to enliven your living room, bathroom, bedroom or any space you are in. We’ve even been known to use it in our cars and in our offices, so that we can feel close to the wild while at work. It’s also a clean, quick solution to many household needs: spray it on linens, on upholstery – anywhere that may need a little reviving.

Our room sprays serve as an all-natural replacement for more chemical-heavy odor eliminators. We’ve made them with only four ingredients, keeping the product close to the wilderness that inspired it: distilled water, organic cane alcohol, vegetable glycerin & our steam distilled essential oils. 

To make this new line of room sprays, we channeled our passion for wild places; then we went out to find them, traveling through the deserts, coasts, and mountains of the West and wildharvesting the ingredients to bring back to our Oakland, California warehouse. There, we’ve crafted authentic scent profiles, distilling the essence of the flora of these magnificent landscapes into essential oils that form the base of our room sprays. And by foregoing the toxic and artificial chemicals you may find in other fragrance products, we get you as close to the outdoors as you can be without leaving home.

Our room sprays are available in five of our core signature scents. Our classic White Sage carries you away to the Mojave desert, with subtle notes of spicy resin and sunbaked earth. With a light mist of the Desert Cedar spray, the room will feel like a starry night in the high desert of the eastern Sierras, with the scent of juniper and cedar sap wafting through the air. Let our Coastal Pine room spray fill the room with scent notes of sticky pine needles and  citrusy conifer, invoking the freshness of the cool coastal region where majestic trees meet the Pacific Ocean. Our Redwood Mist room spray evokes the quintessential Californian landscape, where fog travels through the evergreen canopy over amber-colored forest floors. And our Cascade Forest room spray brings you to where giant western mountain fir and pine trees grow at high elevations, their branches reaching into some of the freshest air on earth.

When your space needs a little pick me up, with one or two spritzes of our new room sprays you can infuse any room with the peace and calm we all feel when we’re immersed in nature. At Juniper Ridge, we believe in the difference a little wilderness makes in our everyday lives, so that’s why we’ve crafted our new line of room sprays–our easiest way yet to bring nature to wherever you are.