A Sustainable Holiday Season

In a year of constant flux, we have been turning to our rituals and traditions to feel more grounded. The winter holiday season brings around one of our favorites: our Christmas Fir Field Lab. Throughout history, various cultures have looked to the evergreen tree for comfort during the longest nights and coldest temperatures, celebrating all kinds of winter traditions with the reassuring scent of conifer trees. This project is a particular labor of love for our crew that begins almost a year before our Christmas Fir Field Lab is complete. Maybe that’s why this seasonal release has grown into a seasonal classic, a scent that can fill any room with the generous and warm energy of the winter holidays. 

Our team loves dreaming up new scent profiles from tree industry waste.

We rang in the beginning of 2020, working with a family-owned natural farm who supplies trees to vendors around northern California. Our team sets out the day after Christmas, collecting the unused Christmas trees from lots in the area. Over the first weeks of the 2020, we upcycled the grand, noble and white fir trees, chipping over twelve hundred a day over a little more than six weeks. What would have been waste created by the Christmas tree industry becomes the most authentic Christmas tree scent available. The Christmas Fir lab is literally the distilled essence of Christmas itself, wrapped in positive intention, love and the spirit of Christmas past.

This year’s lab features three curated offerings. For those wishing to bring joy into this atypical holiday season, we formulated the Christmas Fir hand sanitizer, so you can run your holiday errands while staying safe and corona-free. We’ve also needed a little more self care than usual this year so we crafted the Christmas Fir bath salts; these can help hydrate skin and ease swelling. When you take your next bath, allow the scent of the fresh conifer trees, with sharp sticky needles and dense woody aromas, to evoke the cozy, fireside of your favorite winter memories. And lastly, for those that want to wear their holiday cheer on their sleeve, try Christmas Fir Field Lab roll-on perfume, formulated with organic jojoba and coconut carrier oils.

Our team loves dreaming up new scent profiles from tree industry waste. We work all year with different organizations, from family owned businesses like our Christmas tree partners, to the forest service and Caltrans, whether the trees are removed for fire mitigation or a by-product of holiday celebrations, to make sure they are never felled in vain. It’s surprising, but the truth is a real Christmas tree is often the most sustainable option (outside of using the Juniper Ridge Christmas Fir line), as long the tree doesn’t end up in a landfill. There are initiatives all over the country to ensure that trees get a second life, whether as compost or to help prevent coastal erosion. Make sure to check out what services are available in your community, so you can enjoy your holidays sustainably.