We were so excited to have Squarespace sponsor our labor of love, Desert & Denim, this year. Squarespace is such an amazing and useful platform for artists & entrepreneurs that it only made sense for us to team up with them when throwing our one-of-a-kind makers trade show! Beyond helping us with the event, Squarespace also curated a local gallery in Joshua Tree showcasing Jen Mussari as well as hosting tintype photographer Giles Clement. As a small company, it is really important to us at Juniper Ridge to collaborate with like minded business and the folks at Squarespace definitely transcended from sponsors to friends.


Read below to find out more about their involvement, courtesy of Events and Partnerships Manager, Jessica Kausen.

Why did you decided to get involved with Desert & Denim?

We love to support our customers, and we were instantly interested after seeing that the Desert and Denim website was built on Squarespace. We saw the event as unique opportunity to connect directly with existing and potential customers using Squarespace to sell. Plus, our team is based in NYC, and it’s hard to say no to California in February!


How did you discover artist Jen Mussari? How do you find artists and businesses to work with?

We’ve been lucky to collaborate with Jen for years on a number of projects. She’s even been featured in one of our ad campaigns! Her work is incredible, and she’s lovely to work with. As far as talent search goes, we’re constantly looking at customer sites to find great creatives and get them involved with the brand. Natasha Ivankovitser, our Customer Relations Manager, scours the network to find wonderful customers like Jen.

Did you leave Desert & Denim with any new ideas? What was the take-away?

By spending time with our customers, we gained a lot of insight about what they love, what works really well, and what features they’d like to see. We’ll be sharing this feedback with the Product Team here at Squarespace. We also walked away with indigo hands, sunburns, and a ton of new inspiration. It was definitely worth the trip.


Where does Squarespace look for new trends and inspiration?

Our customers are some of the most creative and inspiring folks on the planet. Every time we attend an event like Desert and Denim, we’re blown away by what people are doing out there with Squarespace. It’s always so inspiring to meet folks face-to-face and hear about their passion projects.

How can someone just starting their brand benefit from using Squarespace?

Squarespace provides creative tools for you to get your web presence up and running immediately. We’re your one-stop shop for creating and maintaining your brand online. Since Squarespace is a DIY platform, you have creative control of your website without having to code. It’s a great solution for small businesses (and big ones too!)


Final thoughts? The community surrounding Desert and Denim is truly special, and we were thrilled to be a part of it this year. Many thanks to Apprvl, Jen Mussari, and Ciara from Juniper Ridge for making it all happen.